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Website Fixes That Will Help You Close More Sales

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When you are engaged in marketing, the bottom line is your bottom line!

Certainly, you will want to foster client relationships, however, you want to profit as well. If you need to close more sales and prompt your clients to buy from you then begin by considering these upgrades to your site.

Re-design Your Site

Re-design Your Site‏Your website is a key weapon in your marketing arsenal and there are many things you can do to improve your customers’ experience so they stay on you site long enough to purchase something.

To begin with you have to work on getting visitors to your site and have them land on a page that is optimised to immediately provide them with the content they are seeking.

Optimise your landing page with the information your users are seeking while eliminating all distractions in order to increase conversions. For visitors who land on your site for the first time, the way your content is presented can make a big difference. Check out these tips for improving your landing page.

  • Help customers to find what they are looking for by having a search box or using filter buttons.
  • Displaying related product that improve the probability that visitors will find what they are seeking.
  • Being attentive to usability issues such as intuitive navigation and quick page loads

Build Trust

Build Trust‏Most people who are going to make a significant expenditure prefer to go with an experienced business who has successfully serviced many other clients, rather than a start-up. Trust is a large factor when it comes to converting a visitor to a paying customer, particularly if you sell more expensive products or services.

Certainly, trust may not be as large a factor for consumers who are bargain hunters, but it is likely to make a difference with most visitors who are considering purchasing your products or services. Here’s some ways you can build trust:

  • Placing client testimonials on your site
  • Using customer reviews to show social proof
  • Including the logos of well-known clients on your site
  • Displaying real photos of yourself and your staff
  • Providing an easy way for visitors to contact you via live chat or your hangouts on social media sites

Display Product Information

To get your visitors to convert to paying customers you must provide them with the required information. Having a good text product description, social proof, displaying related products, and doing some upselling can all be effective, but using product videos can work wonders to increase your sales.

Recent research has shown that 57% of all online consumers say that product videos help them to have more confidence about making a purchasing decision and the likelihood that they will actually buy is increased by 23%. Here’s how you can make use of product videos:

  • Showcase product benefits and features
  • Demonstrate your products ease of use
  • Connect with customers
  • Share your videos on social media and video sites.

Improved Shopping Experience

In addition to providing excellent product information, an intuitive and well thought out shopping experience eases the path to making a purchase.

Even a shopping cart that loads slowly can result in lost sales. You can achieve added sales by providing visitors with content of interest on your checkout page while it is loading. For example, you may want to display additional related products that may be of interest to your customer.

Here’s another point to keep in mind. Visitors are more apt to wait when they are made aware of the length of their wait time or at least if they are shown where they currently are in the purchasing process. This may require some additional coding, but it is usually worth the effort because it can affect your conversion rate.

In cases where visitors abandon your shopping cart, all may not be lost. You can still try to get them as a customer by sending them a follow-up email that will offer them some incentives and encourage them to return to your site to complete the buying process.

Make Sure your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Make Sure your Site Is Mobile Friendly‏Mobile users are a rapidly growing segment of internet shoppers. Most people are carrying smartphones all day long and there is now a greater likelihood that thy will view your email promotions on a smartphone than on a traditional desktop.

Consequently your website needs to be mobile-friendly since mobile users will soon comprise the bulk of the market. Consider the following to give your mobile initiatives a boost:

  • Responsive site design that will function with touchscreens and emails that are adapted for mobile devices.
  • Site design that is easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets
  • Many smartphone users use voice searches , so consider how to rank your site for semantic search
  • Provide location information if you have a brick and mortar presence
  • Adapt your checkout process for mobile

Engaging And Useful Content

Engaging And Useful Content‏Although you may be trying to sell your products and services, the internet is primarily about content.

A continual steam of well-written, engaging, and useful content will provide you with more visibility on search engines and social media platforms. This will give you a better chance of attracting your targeted visitors and increasing your sales. When you post high-quality content you end up building trust with your audience and increasing the chance they will purchase from you.

Create excellent branded content in order to reinforce the trustworthiness and prominence of your business so that it stands out in your chosen niche.

Clear Call To Action

If you are not getting the amount of sales you would like, examine your CTAs. To get a sale, you must ask for it, but you have to do it tactfully.

You should include CTAs within your product videos, on product pages, in your content and on your mobile sites. Make sure your CTA is clear and prominently located. Without clear and prominently placed CTAs, you are unlikely to make many sales.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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