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Things to Prioritize First While Designing a Website

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Successful website requires a lot of planning, commitment expertise and of course, a great deal of knowledge! There are several stages, that need attention and proper understanding before the site is ready to present before the visitors. The foremost aspect is proper planning while designing the website, as unplanned initiation will cost you money, time and effort in long run. To top it all, it may leave your customers unimpressed with your offering.

How to plan and what priority aspects should be considered while designing a website is what we are going to discuss in this piece of post. These basic tips can help you craft and manifest a magnificent site drawing huge traffic of visitors!

Business Logo

A brand is earned, conceptualized and pampered for allowing it to breathe. It constitutes several components merging it into a complete functional entity.

Visibility is effective and reliable for customers –relying on this simple concept, companies with an aim to brand their product put great efforts into creating a unique logo. In some industries, logos are accepted as the most prominent characteristics of a branding strategy or marketing campaign.

Keep this the first priority as it provides a visual representation to your business. If offers a face to your business. It is directly associated with memories of people as they tend to remember a unique logo. It also envisages uniqueness in a cluttered business ambiance enabling the company stand out of the pack.

Custom website Design

Website Navigation

In the absence of accurate navigation, websites would appear to be cluttered and would crumble down with a great thud. The tools and navigation bars symbolize that the website is filled with the right content, intelligently crafted to offer visitors a great experience. It breaks up the site into segments and groups making it approachable and understandable. Right navigation expedites viewers’ search enabling them stay longer.

Content Placement

Websites are meant for assessing right information. If your website does not have the right content in place required by the visitors, it will be left for good. Everyone needs answers to their problems and requirements.  These could be in the form of articles, tutorials, guides etc. to capture visitors’ interest and encourage them return. A content rich site is admired by search engines too. Design your website with a goal to attract both the visitors along with the search engines.

Call to Action Buttons

These buttons should be placed within sales channel. Add buttons that lead visitors to the information about your products and services. It may either open a contact form or link to some other page focused to generate lead.

Interactive Component for Communicates with your Visitors

Interactive website can perform better than website that is static and not responsive. Interaction could be in terms of suggestions, contests, polls, attractive offers, displays etc. It is one of the most effective tricks to draw and make your visitors stay on a page. Any kind of hyperlinks can engage your customers and make them feel special and appropriately attended.

When there are so many things running in your mind while designing a website, consider to follow above mentioned sequence. Especially, when you are deploying complete Custom Web Design to your clients, this will help you scheduling design for different elements of website as per its importance.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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