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Custom Website Design Vs. Online Website Builder

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Having a well-made website surely is beneficial to your business as it actually speaks on how capable you are in providing a specific need of your potential client. A website serves as a “customer service representative.” Let’s make it a bit simpler. You are planning to buy a property and 2 real estate agents are speaking with you, offering you several choices, from the affordable ones to the high-end ones. Real estate agent # 1 is wearing a suit, while real estate agent # 2 is wearing jeans and shirt. Though both provide exceptional properties that catch your interest, who’d you really go for? Who do you think should be trusted? Who do you think promises serious business? Many would say that the guy who’s wearing a suit surely knows how to act decently so as to attract potential clients, while on the other hand, the one who’s not properly dressed may not really be capable of providing what you really want to have, or probably a scam – definitely judging both of them according to their physical attributes.

Like in the real world, World Wide Web is surely a hard platform, as there are several businesses that are trying to dominate the market using several marketing strategies. One of the internet marketing strategies that need time and money is the website. A website basically has all the necessary information a potential client needs in order to have a fair judgment of which business deserves the trust. When you open a specific website, the visuals will surely have an impact on your judgment, and if a business fails to work on it well, their credibility and marketability will surely be compromised.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard a business likes to conquer the market, there are some who’ll surely struggle to have a good website. Small businesses may not be capable of shelling out huge amount in order for them to hire a reputable Web Design Company, thus, resorting to several website builders, which are sometimes even free of charge. It may be a good choice as you will be able to have a website without spending even a single dime. On the other hand, hiring a skilled web design and development company may also come handy as they have been focusing on the industry for several years, thus, you are guaranteed with skills and experience.


Website builders are highly available online. Methods on how to come up with your very own website is made possible with just few clicks, requiring no formal trainings about web design. Complete the appearance of your website will all be according to you, from the colours to information, everything comes in handy.


  • Often times, website builders are offered for free, though they may charge small amounts for “additional” privileges such as templates and fonts.
  • Basically, working on a website builder will not require you any technical knowledge just for you to come up with a good design. No need to understand HTML, XHTML, CSS and other codes which are surely hard, especially if you didn’t go though formal studies.
  • You may be able to edit how your website looks anywhere you are for as long as you have a decent internet connection and computer.


  • Limited designs. As mentioned earlier, charges may be applied in order for you to have additional features.
  • Not as customizable as it seems. Though you may choose the basics such as the fonts and colours, and you can surely input all the information you like, once you have chosen the template, you will no longer have the capabilities of moving things out, such as placing an image on the left instead on the right, and so on.
  • Some website builders come with binding clauses wherein you will be obliged to be on the platform for several months or years.


For starting businesses that have no enough budget to shell out on a good website, settling for a website builder may really be a good option, as you will not be stressed on where to get some cash just so you will be able to pay a decent web design and development company. Obviously, the advantages should never be disregarded as these are just fair and really beneficial to entrepreneurs no matter how compromised their budget is.


Hiring a professional company that provides quality and competitively-priced web design services is definitely a good choice especially if you have a budget. It may be just a bit expensive as you have to shell out some dollars in order for you to achieve the design you think would be beneficial to your business. Though again, there is a price to pay, you will be certain that your credibility and marketability will be boosted; thus, faster ROI or Return of Investment may be expected.


  • Admit it, custom website designs look more professional, especially if a reputable company has designed and developed it for you. With that, you will be certain that prospective clients will be more interested of what you may provide them, whether it is a product, service or even just bits of information. Trust is built, sometimes even instantly.
  • Lesser bugs. Errors do not often occur, especially if you have chosen the right platform, whether it is Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.
  • Adaptation to several browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. You will be certain that your viewer’s browsing experience will come as smoothly as possible no matter what platform are they using.
  • Increased search engine visibility as several optimization techniques may be applied on-page.
  • You will have all the control you want. Let’s say you want to add your social media sites on the footer, your chosen designer may surely be able to do that, unlike if you will settle for website builders.


  • May really be very expensive especially if you will be requiring several changes.
  • Designs may not be altered on your own especially if you do not have the necessary technical skills as codes are involved, making it impossible for you to come up with the alteration you want. You still need to wait for your web designer’s availability, which will again require you to shell out more money.
  • Very time consuming. Because it needs technical expertise, the method usually takes some time in order for you to be certain that all the applicable methods will be applied, to make your business well-designed and –optimized. Codes are generated manually and this is certainly a long process.


If you have the budget, then you better opt for a custom website design. Though it may really be expensive at first, once your business has finally hit the target, you will surely be able to earn what it has cost you. Custom website design is what most entrepreneurs choose in order for them to dominate the market. So do not be left behind and start competing well.


You have to thoroughly check what is more beneficial to you. Seek for an expert’s advice in order for you to be certain that the right decision will be made. If you really do not have the budget, then do not force yourself to settle on something you cannot really manage in the end as you will be left spending more money than what you initially expected. This will aggravate your situation, which will surely have a huge negative impact on your business’ performance.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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