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10 Free Web Design Tools Worth a Million for Web Designers

Tools, apps, extensions, software all these things can make a job of web designer much easier when there is a burden of tasks needed to be finished on deadlines. Using these tools for performing common tasks or integrating common website elements, one can save lots of time which can be utilized in creating other things which requires more innovations.

HTML Form Builder:

How amazing it would be if you will be able to create a form that can be designed and developed to function properly in just a few minutes of time? Yes, this is possible by HTML Form, a form creator that allows you create custom form with your choicest color scheme and field in just two minutes of time. All you need to do is, copy the folder and paste it to your FTP, a form that can be embedded on any page you wish.

Whether you need to create a contact us form, survey form or just small email subscriptions, it has all modern features your client would love to have and you would love to use.

With help of HTML form, designers will be able to integrate contact us form with a database that will be stored on your clients server without any help from web developers. You will love to utilize this tool due to features like browser compatibility, email notification, multilingual, spam protection and validation.

HTML5 Video Converter:

Want to replace adobe flash with new HTML5? Sooner or later, HTML5 will be ruling the web with its new exciting features available as open source. Furthermore, integrating videos with HTML5 will overcome the issue about flash, which is not supported on Apple device.

It is advanced, it’s simple and it’s free, make it happen with free HTML5 Video converter Now!!

Free Wireframe Designer:

Building a wireframe for showing a precise outline of the website can be a good option to impress your clients and helpful in synchronizing your client’s design expectation and your creative design ideas.

Rework in design obstructs the productivity of a web designer with unnecessary changes that could be avoided by creating the right design in the first go. Wireframes are the perfect weapon to give your clients a practical visual interface of website, which you are going to design. Nothing will be hidden and you may save lots of time from re-work.

Icon Finder:

Whether you are designing an interface for mobile application, integrating social media icons or just looking for fancy images for the button, Icon finder is the free library of icons for web designers to use.

Even in web design trends for 2013, icons have reserved a special place in the list of fancy elements used by designers and Icon Finder is the king of icon search engine.

Call to Action Button Creator:

Advertising on digital media and other internet marketing platforms are becoming expensive day by day. An impressive call to action in landing page has an ability to get a good return on advertising expenses. For creating a good call to action; an “Action button” plays an important role.

With this tool, you will be able to select your choice of button from various default styles, font color and background for call to action button. It will simply create a JavaScript code, which you can use easily anywhere you wish in your design.

HTML5 Editor:

Wish to build web pages in HTML5 without having a special coding practice in HTML5? If yes, this is the right tool for you. Since its introduction, HTML5 has gained good popularity and huge acceptance across the globe for building mobile websites and applications. As a web designer, you should upgrade your knowledge with HTML5 and start using HTML5 editor will be the right choice.

It will be convenient to use it as the interface and is similar to that of Dream Viewer, to design pages and import various media elements.

Responsive Design Testing:

It is a very handy tool for web designers to test responsive layout in different screen size. All you need to do is, just enter the URL of your website; your website will be loaded in iframe, showing you how actually it looks in different screen size.

I have used this tool personally and it has 99% accuracy of displaying layout. Don’t forget to bookmark this URL in your browser.

Browser Compatibility Testing:

Browser compatibility will be the top most issues in your clients complain list after website deployment. Testing website design appearance in various browsers is a headache and this tool makes your job simpler and quicker!!

Free A/B Testing:

Gone are the days when we used to design a website to impress our clients. Clients have become smarter and they look for an optimal solution that can perform better in terms of conversion rate rather than just having impressive layout.

Especially, when you are designing a landing page with specific objectives, A/B testing is one of the most essential tools to use, to decide a better performing landing page based on actual analytic statistics driven by each design.

After designing two different designs of the landing page, with this tool, you can have detailed analysis of visitors’ behavior and tasks performed by visitors with alternative page. Later, you can make a comparison and can opt for a better one.

Create A Stylish Portfolio:

Working as freelancer? Creating a fancy portfolio with various fancy options will be easier with the help of this tool. Variety of themes and styling options are available to design a portfolio page, which can be easily uploaded without any hassle.

Furthermore, changing style, theme, color customization is so easy and one minute task with this readymade tool. Now creating an impressive portfolio is just few clicks away with

HTML Sitemap Generator:

This is something every client will ask you to design for users as well as search engine. Creating custom HTML page for sitemap can be easier for the website having few pages. If you are supposed to display links to 500 pages, it will be a big hurdle for web designer.

With this tool you can create a HTML sitemap page in a well planned manner. A free version of tool allows you to create a sitemap up to 500 pages. For more pages, you need to subscribe for a premium account, which is affordable. Spending a few bucks can be the best bet for both business owners and website designers.

jQuery Builder:

Are you Jquery Freak? With this amazing j query library, you will be able to create awesome interface of any element you wish to. From designing a user interface for mobile or web apps to designing simple form, various elements are available in Jquery resource, sets of awesome JQuery plugins to deliver the best user experience for your visitors.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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