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Ride Tek MTA – Converted Website Into Lead Generating Machine Through Creative Website Design and SEO Strategy‏

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Company Background

Ride-Tek MTA (motorcycle training academy) is a motorcycle training firm that is based in Victoria and accredited to issue motorcycle licences and learner permits in Victoria. Ride-Tek MTA is accredited by VicRoads.

Training facilities are based in Dandenong on Hammond Road and in Noble Park at Sandown Racecourse. Ride-Tek MTA has a full fleet of scooters and motorcycles along with helmets and gloves for their students to use free of charge.

Ride Tek MTA’s Key Online Objectives

  • Improve the conversion rate of the existing site with a site re-design
  • Implement the re-design in a manner that does not have an adverse impact on current keyword rankings and that does not adversely affect site visitors
  • Re-designed site needs to be mobile friendly and produced with a responsive design, so it will display well on varying types of mobile devices
  • Improve the ranking of targeted keywords via content optimisation and ethical SEO practices
  • Implement a content information layer by incorporating a CMS (content management system)

The eTraffic Group Solution

Web Site Redesign

  • Wire Frame Design

    A Wireframe assists the client and site designers to visualise the entire website redesign process and the flow of information and placement of different elements on the site. Modifications can be made quickly and easily to the wireframe that are commensurate with the desires of the customer.

    After customer approval of the wireframe design and their color scheme selection, the design was implemented.

  • Mobile Friendly Site Design

    Since a large proportion of internet accesses occur from mobile devices it was imperative that the client’s new site display well on devices with varying resolution. Ride-Tek MTA’s new site was implemented with a responsive design, which allows it to display well across a wide range of differing internet access devices. The new site was tested on devices of varying resolution to verify its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • CMS Implementation With Custom WordPress Development

    WordPress has been the content management system of choice for many years. Ride-Tek MTA had a requirement to be able to quickly and easily manage content on their site, by adding new blog posts and other content when necessary. WordPress is open source technology and development of various customised functions have been designed by our WordPress developers and delivered within the client’s tight deadline and budget.

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Business Website

Search Engine Optimisation

Ride Tek MTA was a well established brand and VicRoads accredited Motorcycle Training Academy for motorcycle learner’s permit and licences. The client has spent a substantial amount of time and effort optimising their site for SEO and has achieved a significant amount of traffic from search engines and government websites.

By implementing high quality content, redirecting static web pages and focused keyword optimisation, the search engine rankings of the client site were improved without an adverse effect upon rankings that had already been achieved.

The retention of existing keyword rankings and the continued engagement of visitors while the website was being redesigned was a key client objective so that they would maintain their business revenue and continue to generate leads on an ongoing basis.

Analysis of the website content and the keywords that each page is ranking for was conducted by our SEO team. Where necessary, content was modified to improve search engine rankings. Static web pages were redirected to new dynamic pages so that web page traffic and backlinks would be retained.

As a result, after launching the redesign and being indexed by search engines, a 40% growth in organic visibility has been achieved.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

After achieving all of our client’s objectives a new SEO strategy was developed. The purpose of this strategy is to retain all keywords rankings that currently exist and to identify additional keywords and achieve favorable rankings for them as well. This is being achieved through keyword research, content generation, link building, social media, and content marketing.

Targeted Keywords and Ranking

Keywords Ranking Position (
Bike License 4
Bike License Vic 4
Learn To Ride A Motorbike 2
Learner Permit Test 9
Learners Test Victoria 10
Learning To Ride A Motorbike 7
Learning To Ride A Motorcycle 10
License Test 3
Motor Bike License 5
Motorbike Learners Test 5
Motorbike License Melbourne 3
Motorbike License Vic 5
Motorbike License Victoria 4
Motorbike Training 3
Motorcycle Course 4
Motorcycle Learners Permit Victoria 5
Motorcycle Learners Test 4
Motorcycle License 6
Motorcycle License Melbourne 3
Motorcycle License Victoria 4
Motorcycle Rider Training 5
Motorcycle School 5
Motorcycle Training 4
Motorcycle Training Course 5
Victorian Learners Permit 10
Victorian Learners Permit Test 9
Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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