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Reducing Cart Abandonment with WordPress Plugins

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A significant proportion of potential customers will abandon the buying process during checkout. You can prevent some of these premature exits with process improvements. Since these visitors have taken the time to find and enter your products and/or services into the shopping cart, they have demonstrated that they are motivated buyers.

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If you have a WordPress site your checkout process can be optimised and you will have an improved shopping experience for your site visitors. The following plugins will help you to improve your checkout process, and the result is likely to be improved sales.

WordPress Social Coupons

Site visitors will sometimes need an incentive to share a site on social media channels. Monetary incentives sometimes make excellent motivators. WooCommerce has a Social Coupon plugin that gives your visitors a reward for social shares. It gives sellers a way to use WooCommerce’s coupon system to provide visitors with instantaneous rewards for sharing your content socially.

Social Coupons

This plugin can be set-up to appear on product pages, checkout pages, or a cart page. After a shopper shares your content socially, a discount is applied to their order automatically. This plugin can help you to get many additional followers on social media sites from people who have already made a purchase from you. It can also lessen cart abandonment since shoppers are more likely to complete their purchase when a discount has been applied.

WooCommerce Email Cart

At times the decision to purchase is a collaborative effort. Email Cart from WooCommerce is a plugin that gives the primary shopper the amiability to share his/her shopping cart with other people via email. After products have been added to a cart a shopper is able to send a link to someone else via email. The recipient will then receive a link which can be used to view the shopping cart’s contents, add additional items and check out. This can also be helpful when one shopper chooses the products and someone else pays for them. This plugin can also be used for promotions. A shopping cart can be configured with a promotional package and the link can be sent out to selected customers on an emails list. Upon clicking on the link, email recipients will view a shopping cart that’s already loaded, making it very convenient for them to finalise their purchase.

eMail Cart

Dvin Wishlist

Sales are frequently increased with wishlists. Amazon has been using them effectively for quite some time. They shop up every time a shopper with a wishlist visits their site. You can have wishlist functionality that is similar to Amazon’s on your own site using the Dvin Wishlist plugin from WooCommerce. You can use this plugin to place an ‘Wishlist Add’ button on product pages. This can be quite useful for products that typically take deliberation and thought prior to purchasing. It will remind this shopper of these items that next time he/she arrives on your site. Wishlists may be private or public and the may be shared on social media sites or emailed using a specific wishlist URL.

Wish List

DvIn Wishlist is also useful for sites that have numerous products, which visitors may not recall if they don’t have a wishlist. Each time a visitor arrives at your site, their wishlist can be displayed.

Loyalty Rewards

All types of businesses provide rewards for their loyal customers. Merchants that use WooCommerce can also do this using the Loyalty Rewards plugin. Customers will be able to earn points each time they buy something from you for later redemption. This provides your customers with an inducement to make more frequent purchases, to earn more points. This is the same concept use by airlines who reward frequently fliers with reward points.

Loyalty Rewards

Each time your customers buy an item, they’ll earn addition points that they can redeem to get a discount on purchases they make in the future. The amount of points earned and their redemption value are adjustable. You can also use this plugin to give your customers additional points for posting reviews on your products or services.

Checkout Editor

One big factor in checkout process abandonment occurs when some fields are missing or filled out improperly. Shoppers generally detest filling out long forms or filling in information that is unnecessary. If forms confuse shoppers or have fields that are missing the may abandon the process. WooCommerce’s checkout filed editor makes adding or removing fields in a form very easy.

Checkout editor

This plugin has received rave reviews. It helps merchants resolve the issue of having the optimal amount of checkout fields. It makes it easy to remove and add fields to all types of forms such as shipping and billing. This plugin supports a variety of field types such as checkbox, text, date picker, and select. This plugin can help make the process of checkout flow optimisation much easier.

Author: Jeremy Bray Jeremy Bray is in charge of eTraffic's creative direction. With a passion for everything design he has been able to help businesses create unique branding positions through creative visual elements and effective marketing initiatives.

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