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How Great Web Design Impacts Your Business

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What’s the first point of contact most people have with businesses nowadays? The front desk, the building or the website? You bet it’s the website. And what does your website look like? There can only be two answers to that question: Crap or Awesome.

If it’s awesome, then you’re on top of your game business-wise. But if it looks like something your 6 year old niece would build, then it’s time for “the talk”. Countless website owners come to us at eTraffic Web Design for advice. The usual problem is that they aren’t getting enough business from their website. And, when we check their website, 8 times out of 10 the problem would be in the design.

The Web Design Sucks!

man trying to claw his eyes out after seeing a poorly designed website

Oftentimes, small business owners have no idea just how badly their website design is hurting their business. Let me ask you a quick question: why do people hire a personable and gorgeous receptionist or personal assistant? It’s because they look good.

The same must be said of your website. Now, I don’t mean to be superficial, but you would agree that we live in a world where people judge you by your appearance first. If you look good, then they would be more inclined to listen to you. So, your website must look great. The impact of an awesome web design cannot be really quantified. But we’ll try:

People Judge Your Company by Your Website

Yes, we know it’s not fair – after all a pretty website doesn’t mean a service provider is good at what they do – but it’s the world we live in. So, buck up and fix it. Credibility and professionalism are important, and your website plays a key role in those.

Just because you’re a plumber doesn’t mean that your website should look like the plumbing you deal with every day – no offence. Even waste management companies don’t try to sell their services by looking dirty. They dress up, and visit their clients.

Your business is important. So treat it as one. A great looking website communicates to your visitors that you mean business; that you are credible and most importantly, a professional. This boosts their confidence and compels them to want to do business with you.

Impacts Your Bottom Line Big Time

If someone were to approach you today with worn out clothes to pitch their services, would you pay them top dollar even when they obviously know their business? Chances are you wouldn’t.

Now, imagine being approached by a well-dressed individual who is charming and knows their stuff. Do you think you’ll pay them well? Odds are you would. So, what’s the difference between these two individuals? Simple: appearance. Even if the first guy knows more, you’ll most likely prefer working with the second guy.

The same goes for your business. A professional looking website communicates to your prospects that you know your stuff. As a result, most of them would be willing to pay you your dues and maybe even more. It’s all in how you are perceived.

Increased Engagement and Interaction

We live in a world where communication is now more important than ever. In the past, all you had to do was throw up a website, list the features and benefits of your services and wait for the phone to ring. You didn’t have to teach or inform them.
These days, customers want more. Sure, they’ll call you, but they also want more engagement and interaction. More people are taking more time to make their hiring and buying decisions.

You want to know why that is important to you? It’s because they are spending more time gobbling up the content on websites. Well-designed websites have great content which encourages more engagement and interactions between prospects and sellers or services.

Crowded Doesn’t Mean Great

We have worked with small business owners who had “crowded” or cluttered websites. These websites had pizzazz and loads of fancy images that are completely useless when it came to functionality. This is crucial. Sometimes, you don’t need a flashy or crowded website.

A minimalist web design can also do the job just fine. It all depends on the industry, the target clientele and the client themselves. At eTraffic Web Designs, we believe in achieving balance. It’s why all our clients love what we do for their websites.

Minimalist web designs don’t necessarily mean bare looking websites. They could be clean, edgy and sophisticated; or bright, colourful and grandiose. The point is that the website be awesome and most importantly, appeal to your audience.

For instance, a lawyer’s website cannot afford to be flashy. The reserved clean, edgy and sophisticated design will do just fine. A dentist’s website however can be both sophisticated and colourful, while a fun entertainment website has to be colourful and bright.

Makes it Easy for Users to Find What They Want

Great web designs help improve your website’s loading speed, and help your visitors find whatever they want within a very short time.

At eTraffic, we are committed to the 5-click rule – clients must find whatever they are looking for your website in 5 clicks or less. Our designs are aimed at this and we consistently strive to achieve that for our clients.

In the end, what matters is not what you think. All that matters is what your leads, prospects and customers think. And if they think your website sucks, then it does, period.

Get in touch with us at eTraffic Web Design today. With our team of expert and experienced web designers, we promise to turn your website into a sales machine. We have helped a ton of satisfied clients revamp, design and build their websites.

And the results are obvious in how much business they are getting after working with us. Let’s help transform your business. Contact us today for a free, no obligation website audit and assessment.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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