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Must Have Free Plugins For WordPress

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We have a number of plugins here that have a wide variety of potential uses. However, a number of these plugins are bran new, and there may need to be some bug fixes before they work flawlessly, but by and large they already work quite well.

Must Have Free Plugins For WordPress

So, here they are!

Bump This

Bump This

This plugin displays a button when a visitor is viewing one of your posts that will permit them to “bump” it. If a post gets “bumped” frequently enough, it will be moved up on the post list towards the top. This provides a way for your users to assist you in placing your most popular content where other visitors will see it. There are a few issues with this plugin. First only visitors that have logged-in are able to “bump” posts. Next, a single user can bump a post multiple times simply by navigating away from it and then returning to the post and selecting the “bump” button again. Even though these issues are currently a problem, this is an interesting concept.

Video Capture

This plugin allows you to capture video directly from your WordPress site. If you place a code within a post or page, your visitors will have the ability to record a brief video that is up to three minutes long. After a video is recorded, you can access it from your WP admin panel. You will be able to download these videos and embed them wherever you like. The videos are not very high quality and they’re stored on a 3rd party server. Nevertheless, if you want a way to get free webcam videos from your visitors, this plugin is helpful.


This is one of the more sophisticated plugins we are presenting, and it can be quite useful. It integrates with quite a number of WP form plugins. When a user submit one of your forms, the user is added to a contact database.


A history of the pages on your site that were viewed by each contact is also capture. This enables you to see which parts of your site were of most interest to each user.

This plugin also includes an optional sign-up form for newsletters that will appear when a page visitor scrolls to the bottom of a page on your website. When a user signs up or closes a sign up form, they won’t see it again.

Flaunt Your Clients

Flaunt Your Clients

This plugin was designed originally for photographers. However, it is useful for a number of different scenarios. It creates customised posts that are designed to accommodate testimonials and client stories. The client pages that are created can be sorted via category, linked to other blog posts, and other uses.

Google’s Web Font Customiser (GWFC)

Google Web Fonts Customizer  GWFC

If you don’t like the fonts that are available to you, GWFC creates an addition to your theme customiser within the admin panel. This gives you the ability to select any font that is within Google’s web fonts for your text, paragraphs, blockquotes, headings and even list items.

Meet My Team

Have you ever viewed a site that has picture of staff members that are clickable? Then after you have clicked on one of them more information is loaded in a modal window that looks like a light box. These can be a bit difficult to design from scratch. If you don’t want to go through the trouble to create one, this plugin will give you a custom post that is designed for displaying members of your staff and their associated information. You use a short code to display employees within a responsive grid on any post or page of your choosing.

Meet My Team

This plugin doesn’t have any settings. Therefore, any alterations you have to make in the way it looks must be done by changing its CSS. If you’re required to alter the CSS, you may as well just create your own. Nevertheless, if you want a ready-made solution, this plugin will work for you.


This plugin will optimise your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, by removing all data that is unnecessary, to reduce your site’s load time. Your code will be minified. Since the size of these files is reduced, it takes less time to load them, and consequently your site will load faster.

WordPress Club Manager

WP Club Manager

This plugin is helpful for sports enthusiasts. It is designed to help manage websites run by sports clubs. Here are some of its features:

  • Manage numerous teams
  • Staff and player profiles
  • Player statistics
  • Player ratings
  • Results tables
  • League tables
  • Sponsors
  • Match reports
  • Widgets for players, results, tables, sponsors

Firefox OS Bookmark

Firefox OS Bookmark

This is a new plugin that is getting rave reviews. If you would like to register your WP site on their marketplace as a hosted app, this plugin does everything that is needed to make that happen.

Zethos For WP

This plugin makes it easy to speed read by giving you the ability to focus on a single word at a time.
Zethos implements this functionality using JavaScript. Therefore, it can be embedded into any web page.

Zethos will be embedded into each one of your posts to enable readers to select the way they want to read your content. However, there aren’t any options for configuring this plugin at all. In addition, if there are multiple posts on a single page, Zethos will play all of them. However, this plugin can be useful for content that has a lot of text.

Author: Jeremy Bray Jeremy Bray is in charge of eTraffic's creative direction. With a passion for everything design he has been able to help businesses create unique branding positions through creative visual elements and effective marketing initiatives.

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