Cameron FrancisMay 23,2013

An Ultimate List of Website Usability Testing, Are You Missing Something?

There are certain aspects to consider when you are designing a new website or evaluating the performance of your existing website. Website Usability Testing is one of the most important parameter, which you must not ignore. In general, website usability means how easily it can be used by a general user. Putting the website under different tasting methods to make it users- friendly and improving the quality after observing the result is called the process of “Usability Testing”.

While conducting usability testing, below mentioned questions should come into your mind.

  • Can you engage your visitors well on your website?
  • Do you have a low bounce rate?
  • Do you have a high success ratio in website conversion?
  • Does your website have good navigation structure?

People will surly remember your site if they will find all the things easily as expected and that will definitely improve the website performance and conversion rate. That is the reason why testing usability is becoming one of the most important part of web design and development process.

Following are a few basic yet very important points to check whether your website is providing a better user experience or not.

There are four main parts of Website Usability Checklist.

  • Website Design and Layout
  • Website Structure and Navigation
  • Content Presentation
  • Brand Presentation and Identity

Website Usability Typography

Website Design and Layout:

Website design and layout is the most important factor to consider while evaluating user experience. A research shows that a normal user leaves the site if the website doesn’t load within 3 seconds and if the users cannot understand the purpose of the web page within 5 seconds. That is why website design plays a crucial role. So, it is a must to have a website design which clearly conveys your message to user without consuming much time.Check following things to evaluate your website design.

  • Does your website layout appeal to the targeted audience?
  • Does it provide the clear idea about the purpose of the webpage?
  • Does the page have enough space to display content?
  • Do the multimedia file placed in page loads quickly?
  • Do all the images in the layout have proper ALT Tags?
  • Check all web design basics like Repetition, Contrast, Proximity and Alignment
  • Does your website load quickly? (Most Important)
  • Is  your website design compatible with all browsers?

Website Structure and Navigation:

Structure and Navigation of the website is the second most important factor to check as it guides the user to navigate from one page to another within the website. You can develop better user navigation and structure by checking following things.

  • Make the website structure consistent throughout the website
  • Make main navigation easy to understand and follow
  • Give an appropriate label to each page
  • Make it easy to find contact us and request a call for users. Keep call to action function on each page if possible
  • Create custom 404 Error message page for all dead pages present in the website
  • Keep the URL structure simple and easy to remember
  • If you have a huge site, provide category wise navigation or in site search to find desired information easily.

Content Presentation:

Content presentation is an equally important factor! Whether you have an eCommerce website or an informational website, proper presentation of content is always loved by the users and make your website perform better. Ask these questions to yourself to know how your website content presentation is.

  • Do you have content that satisfy user needs rather than the search engines?
  • Do font size and font type of the content is easily readable?
  • Can anybody easily separate the titles from core content?
  • Are you using proper typography?
  • Keep consistency in font type, font size, font color and presentation throughout the website.
  • Have you placed your critical content above the fold?

Brand Presentation and Identity:

Developing a website is only a part of your company’s branding process so how can you forget to add your branding sense into your website design. You can represent your brand more effectively in front of the huge audience through your website. One must take care of following things to make the brand live on the webpage.

  • Brand logo and tagline are the most important elements
  • Keep your landing page professional and attractive
  • Make it easy to find information about your brand through about us section
  • Make more use of your brand colors
  • Keep the link of the home page on your brand logo

This is how you can provide better user experience to your website visitors to get the maximum out of your website. Change is the nature of technology and with the changing pace of today’s tech world one cannot just sit and relax after designing a website. You have to make it better and better. Hiring a professionalweb design firm can be the greatest idea for that. Contact eTraffic Web Design if you are looking to improve your web performance by doing result-oriented usability testing under the guidance of the industry experts in Australia.

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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