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7 Things Successful Web Design and the Chinese New Year Have in Common

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Did you know that the Chinese New Year and Excellent Web Design share a lot in common? If this fact isn’t obvious to you, the points discussed below will show you just how connected they really are.

As the Chinese New Year commences on Thursday the 19th of February, it is imperative for small business owners to see it as a sign of a fresh start or a new beginning. Most people may not necessarily see the connection, but that’s okay.

Celebrated by about 1 billion people in the second largest economy in the world, there’s a lot of lessons small businesses can learn from this event, particularly in establishing a good online presence.

1. Aesthetics in the form of Pomp and Pageantry

Successful web designs are usually a mix of great aesthetics, sophistication, class, easy user interface and beauty. These are the elements of a properly designed website. Chinese New Year celebrations are filled with so much colour, pomp and pageantry. In the same way, successful websites also display these qualities and features.

They simply are essential and key to the survival and success of your website. A great looking website is a thing of beauty. It’s a website that people generally love seeing and visiting. A crappy looking website on the other hand is an aberration. It has no style, lacks character and generally bland.

These are not things that the Chinese New Year celebrations or successful website are known for. So, if you already have a website that doesn’t have the requisite wow effect, has no pizzazz, and no appeal, you should seriously consider redesigning that website.

Studies reveal that people tend to distrust websites that don’t look good. For most of these people, an attractive design makes a website seem more credible.

2. Huge Flood of Traffic


Over 270 million people from all parts of China will be making the trip to celebrate the New Year. That’s a huge number by any standard. Many of these people will be spending time with their loved ones or just celebrating the event. The same goes for overseas Chinese.

There will be celebrations across the globe wherever there’s a significant number of Chinese residents. What does this have to do with successful web design? It’s simple: Traffic. If a website is well designed, with the right marketing and promotion techniques, that website will get a horde of traffic from visitors who like its designs and its content.

A successful website design is also adaptable in the sense that it displays perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. Like the Chinese New Year, it welcomes everyone from everywhere and from all devices. It renders well regardless of the screen, thus making your browsing experience a pleasure.

3. Lots of Business and Profits

Many small businesses will be reaping huge profits throughout this event. The same can be said for a well-positioned website that’s fitted with the right content, call to action and structure.

Users will love that they can find exactly what they’re looking for. This translates to considerably more business than you would have gotten if your website was sub-par.

4. Rapid Engagement

When 270 million migrate from one location to another to celebrate their country’s new year, you should know that it’s not a joking matter. Successful websites also have this quality. This is largely because of the quality of the designs, the content and the perceived reward they can get from visiting the website and spending time on it.

However, if your website looks great but lacking content, it’ll be seen as the empty shell that it is. Now if the design is excellent coupled with engaging and compelling content, you will gain a following of loyal fans and core brand evangelists.

5. Word of Mouth Advertising

Even if the adverts were to stop, most Chinese still know that the New Year starts on the 19th of February. That’s largely because of tradition and the spreading of the news using word of mouth. In the same manner, a well-designed website that delivers incredible value will gain rapid exposure, thanks to “word of mouth” advertising.

People will always refer others to the website. And technically, there’s nothing better than having word of mouth advertising. It’s cheap, and is way more credible than other forms of advertising. All you have to do is just convert that traffic and you’re well on your way to making a fortune.

6. Cleaning Out the Bad and Keeping or Adding New and Good Things

During the Chinese New Year, people clean out their homes of all junk, old stuff and things that no longer work. There is a symbolic meaning to this that you can apply to your business. The New Year is a great time when people start over or carry out some sort of decorative design.

A properly designed website is pretty much like this. The more successful it is, the higher its chances of being appreciated. So, as a small business owner, check your website every year and see if it’s still in great condition. If the design starts looking dated, you could simply have the website renovated and redesigned.

7. Incentives, Gifts and Rewards

gift and reward

To celebrate the New Year, people are often known to give monetary gifts and cash rewards to others. This is something successful websites often do. Smart business people understand that sometimes, you have to give away freebies to gain more engagement and traffic. This is why you will often find successful websites offering incentives, gifts and rewards.

As a business owner, here are smart things you can do:

  • Borrow ideas from the Chinese New Year
  • Apply the principles to your business
  • Turn your website into a place of celebration

Take all this advice to heart; soon you will see a surge in your traffic and conversion rates. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Author: Cameron Francis Cameron Francis is the Director of eTraffic Group. He has been engaged in all aspects of online marketing for the past 8 years. He is actively involved in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimisation, and Web Design.

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